Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let There Be Light.

Things are moving on in our bathroom. They've taken down the beam and the ceiling, put framing in for the new ceiling, put in the new window (so glad we had the house painted less than a year ago, as they busted out the stucco!) and the electricity is ready to go. The plumber started today, getting set up for the new double sinks and all of the new plumbing, out of the slab.

Shower, now slightly wider

New window! Now centered in the room, and not actually in the shower area. Sorry neighbors, no more free shows of the top of Tim's head!

This is the sink that's going to be closet to the door. The other one looks much like this.

More important to me (at least) is the little things that we're doing to generally improve the house. Like having this total lunatic lamp put in our dining room, replacing the completely adequate chrome fixture.

I LOVE IT. It reminds me of this fantastic candelabra that my mom has. It's an antique (from the 60s, probably) called Italian tolle. And I bought it from an etsy seller in the Netherlands. It is so insane but also perfect. It makes a great statement (and that statement is, Meg is a weirdo.)

Another little fix. When we had the patio cover pulled down off of the side of the kitchen, we got a new fixture for the lamp on the left, and then very quickly realized that it doesn't actually provide enough light in the back yard, especially since the grill is right next to the chimney (and it's a gas grill, so we have to keep the grill near the hook up.) Quick trip to Home Depot (where thankfully, they still had the same matching fixture) and voila! No more excuses for overcooking the burgers.

Tomorrow, more plumbing. Saturday, hot mopping the floor. The idea is that once we get the master bath back to being operational (at least shower and toilet) they'll demo hall bathroom and start on the closets. It's nice to have one totally intact bathroom - we can at least keep all of our toiletries out of the way.

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