Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Monday.

No real construction updates around here, as things have tragically ground to a halt. Glen owns a building in Los Angeles, and the lease states that the tenants (a store) can renovate inside. So they started doing some construction and knocked out a load bearing wall, so Glen and his crew spent several days nonstop, trying to get things so that they were safe, if not usable. There's insurance companies and attorneys involved. And all of the guys were exhausted. Which is awful and I get, but I have been feeling slightly crazy because I have been given the impression that so and so will be by some time during the day, so I get the kids packed up and the cats packed in... and then nothing happens. Plus we're so close to being done - it's maddening to be waiting! And by done, I mean, one bathroom. We still have the entire second bathroom left.

But eyes on the prize - it's all going to be worth it when it's done and new and beautiful.

In the meanwhile, Ellie is LOVING not having a bedroom door, because she has a cat cuddle party at bed time:

She's actually been such a good girl about taking naps and going to bed without a door on her room. I've been relieved by it, because there's not much I can do. Thankfully also, we always have Gigi's house available during nap time when things get too crazy.

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