Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza!

Last week Ellie started ballet again, this time through her school, run by one of the teachers from the elementary school area. It came at the perfect time - she's a little bigger, more mature, and has continued to express interest in taking dance class. It's much more casual too, because it's at school and with her friends. Week one was last week, and it went smashingly. I think mostly because she loves the outfit.

And she's got some good moves!

The only real home improvement that happened today was Ellie's room was painted. With the new closet, they were going to have to paint a large part of the room already, so I figured, might as well let Ellie pick a color and turn it into the little girl room she wants. Voila!

The color is "lavender sky," but Ellie picked it because it reminds her of "Princess Elsa at coronation day." Obviously.

Sunday we went to the Aquarium with my friend and former coworker Emily and her son Liam. The kids had a great time! Ellie was brave enough to touch all of the animals, and this time I made Adam wear his backpack harness because at the aquarium he seems to hate either being worn or made to ride in the stroller. This kept him from completely bolting out of my sight. And Ellie is wearing fairy wings, because why not?

(that's Liam and Emily across the way from us.)

And then Ellie got eaten by a shark. So sad! She was a nice little girl while she lasted.

And in closing, we will make Adam wear his elf jacket until he's so big that it no longer zips. Or until we can find another one in his size.

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