Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drawers and Doors.

We are making real progress! Check out all of this beautiful work! Now I can finally put my toiletries away and out of sight, and our closets have doors again. The cats can happily hide in there, and I no longer have to make sure that I don't leave dirty underwear on the top of the pile when the guys are scheduled to work in my room.

Things are really coming together. All of the new doors are in throughout the house, with new casings around them and new baseboards throughout. It's really improved the look of our house ten fold. Our bathroom still needs towel rods and the mirror, but it's fully usable and wonderful. The kids bathroom has the tub set and the walls ready for tile, but there was a miscommunication about the tile order, so Marco won't start until later this week.

It's sweet how much the kids love the guys, and visa versa. Adam is especially attached to Marco and Arnie and follows them around. Ellie loves Jesse because he's the one who painted her new beautiful coronation day Elsa bedroom.

We had a nice Valentines Day with Sara and Grandma Rosie while Gigi and Grizz were at a wedding in Minneapolis. We had tacos for dinner and then the kids watched Frozen with Grandma Rosie, who hadn't seen it yet, and enjoyed helpful commentary like Ellie telling her off the bat that Hans was a bad guy and only pretending to love Elsa. Meanwhile, I made myself a large cocktail and took a large bath in my mom's extra large bath tub, so everyone had the evening that they wanted!

The kids had a great time with Grandma Rosie during the three weeks that she was here - I only wish I'd taken more pictures. Ellie loved pretending that Grandma was her little girl, and she forced Grandma to work in her play doh sweatshop, making countless cookies to be squished up minutes later. Adam loved chatting with her and bringing her tons of books to read, and it was so nice to just spend time enjoying some great time with our great grandma.

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