Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bathroom One, Almost Done.

Things have definitely picked up this week, though it's still slow going and stressful. I feel like I'm at my wits end. In the morning the guys get here, and we get out for a bit, usually to run, sometimes to see friends. But just making sure that Adam doesn't bolt out the front door while I've got my back turned is enough to make me want to cry. Jesse has brought him back into the house at least twice (this morning when I left for the gym, Adam was suddenly waving at me from the driveway with Jesse, and Tim came out a second later.) There's no place for the kids to nap this week, so we've been doing what we can at Gigi's house. Poor Adam hates his fun cage, so he's usually short close to an hour of rest. Thursday he actually managed to get himself out of the fun cage! Thankfully, when I caught him I put him back in, told him sternly to lay down and go to sleep, and he wailed one more time and then finally did so. It's just stressful, even though I know the results will be great. It's already great, and nothing is even 100% done.

I continue to enjoy seeing what's lurking around the house. Like finding out that it was once painted beige:

(former linen closet.)

We also discovered that Adam's room once had laminate flooring, patterned to look like parquet. So at one point, both kids room had terrible fake tile!

I really need to ask my neighbor Peggy what the house used to look like. Hers is the same model as mine, and she was close friends with the former owners. Plus she has a dog that my kids LOVE, and she's always up to stop and gossip when she and Murphy are out walking.

Daniel has been doing a lot of work on doors and casings.
Kids rooms! Now they have nice, solid core doors. I joked with Daniel to make sure those babies are nailed in tight, because the kids will be teenagers soon and I know things are going to get slammed around here (and by that I mean nothing is more satisfying to me than slamming a door when I'm having a snit fit.)

Also, the shower is done! So many shower heads! And the bathroom is painted - this is the best picture I could get of the color. It's called Barrier Reef.

The electrical is also done! There are two of these lamps, one over each vanity. Yes, what is the most obnoxious weird glittery snow globe thing you sell at this lamp store? I will take two, please.

So now our bathroom just needs baseboard, the mirror, drawer and doors, and a little more paint, and it's good to go! Which is good, because Monday they start tearing out the hall bathroom. Heaven help me.

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