Tuesday, February 3, 2015


That's right! I live in a house with two toilets now, AKA A PALACE!

The big business today was taking down Ellie's closet (which they had mistakenly left at its current size, about six feet) and making it closer to eight feet. It looks so enormous, but Jesse measured and it's the same size as the one in Adam's room. The rooms will be a mirror image now, more or less.

They had to pull up a patch of carpet, and discovered some linoleum. I am trying to figure out why you'd have linoleum in a bedroom, because while Ellie's room was an office when we bought the house, it had previously been a bedroom, since the owners had two children who grew up in the house. The 70s, it was a crazy time.

And when they took down the filing cabinets, we found the last piece of popcorn ceiling.

The plan is to finish our bathroom this week, along with the closets, doors and new molding through the house. Then just one more bathroom to go. Uff.

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