Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Party Pictures!

I got a chance to upload all of the pictures from the weekend, so here's a big photo dump for you!

Dirt cake! And a bowl of bonus worms.

With some of her Frozen swag on Saturday morning. She is very hard to shop for.

Our favorite four year olds at the zoo


Watching the gorillas inspired her to deal with Tim's lice

After seeing all the animals, she still wanted to ride the bunny

Buying Hello Kitty after school yesterday

Jumping for joy in her new "winter" Elsa dress from Mimi and Poppy

We made a giant cupcake together, which she decorated to look just like the North Mountain from Frozen. It is also pale blue inside.

The kids with Mimi and Poppy

Coming soon to a Christmas card near you!

We are a nice, normal family

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