Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kari Bear is Married!

Nothing beats a good ol' family wedding! We had such a lovely day yesterday. Kari was such a beautiful bride, and while she and Bennett were at the altar you could just see the love radiating between them. He is such a good guy - I like to say that Bennett is so nice, he makes Tim look like a jerk. I think we were all a little sad that Grandpa wasn't here to share this moment with us, but Auntie B, Sara and I took up the responsibility of being weepy babies at the wedding for his sake. Kari carried his wedding ring pinned to her bouquet, I wore a Boy Scout medal on my sweater, and John had on his dog tags. We made sure to send plenty of love his way (and I know he was sending some love back down to us.)

My girlfriend Becca flew in to stay with the kids, who napped all through the ceremony. The unfortunately missed the Thiel family picture, where I joked that we should hold Kari like a baby (meaning she would be held flat, with each of us having a hand under her) and John just picked her up in his arms. Hopefully the photo comes out cute! We may be the smallest family group, but we're pretty great. During the reception they said that they weren't going to kiss if you clink glasses - if you wanted the bride and groom to kiss, you had to sing a song with the word love in it. So of course, our table immediately launched into a loud rendition of L.O.V.E. And then later, Ellie got the mic and led us all in a version of You Are My Sunshine.

Adam had to go to bed before the dancing really started, but man, Ellie held her own on that dance floor. Betty had found an Easter dress that Grandma made for Kari (Sara and I also had matching ones - I have Sara's at home) and Ellie insisted on wearing it to the wedding. With her cowgirl boots, also. I got Grizz to come out and polka with me, and when Ellie saw he was dancing, she immediately conscripted her into service as her personal attendant and dance slave for the evening. During the first slow song, she asked me if we had to stop dancing and I told her no, it was a slow song, so dance with someone you love. She immediately told me to go away so she could dance with Grizz, and she wanted to dance close, like big people. No hand holding for her, so she put her hand around his back, as a grown up woman might do to her date. Except, she is not full grown, so rather than putting her hand on his shoulder, she kept it on his butt. FRESH! She also told Gigi and Sara to go away too. ONLY DANCING WITH GRIZZ, unless dancing with Hailee. It was pretty hilarious. During the slow song too, she also informed me to go dance with Grandma Rosie, so Grams and I had a nice moment, slow dancing together while her boys slow danced with their granddaughters.

How cute are they? (that's John with a sliver of Hailee in the background.)

Such a fun party! Lots of country songs, some good oldies, and a lot of fun. I especially loved dancing to All About the Bass with mom and Sara.

We put Ellie in bed around 10:15. Adam was then up (and awake) by 5:30, so he and I went down to the lobby and watched Dinosaur Train, and had some continental breakfast at 6am. Thankfully, he went back down around 6:30. He's been so grumpy and a little sick, plus he hates the fun cage, so I let him fall asleep on me, and then sort of plunked him between Becca and I in the bed. She woke up at 8:15 to him inches from her face, saying "hi!" and then he came over and did the same for me. We had a delicious second breakfast, and then the kids went swimming with Grizz while Bec and I cleaned up the room. Now both kids are happily, desperately napping. Beforehand though, Becca and I took Ellie to the Sweet Shop for a milkshake, as a reward for her being such a good girl while we were traveling here. And because who doesn't love the Sweet Shop?

Meanwhile, on the other end of the country, Jacob had a great day at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, coming in at 10 hours, 5 minutes. He's really pleased with his time, and Tim says they're all feeling good today. Thumbs up!

I stole this picture from facebook - that lovely smiling blonde is his fiancee, Dawn.

All in all, a successful October Saturday for all members of our families.

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