Thursday, October 16, 2014

Growing Up.

It's crazy how much the kids are changing every day. Adam is really starting to pick up in the chatting department. He regularly signs for "more" and "please." (In the middle of the night at Grandma's, he started patting me on the chest like he wanted to nurse, then sat back and signed "more" and I made him say please before I'd feed him.) He says up/uppy when he wants to be held, and takes after his mom in hollering "stop!" when he doesn't like how things are going. Unlike Ellie, who said Sara and Grizz pretty much right off the bat, those are the only family names he refuses to say. He can ask for the fruit he wants, including peaches and pears, and is good at saying cheese, both for photos, and for an actual string cheese. Animal sounds include cat, dog, sheep, and a long MOOOOOO like the Sconnie that he is. He's reached that point where he clearly understands everything we're saying to him, but chooses if he wants to talk to us or listen to us, the little turd. Becca was amazed at him during the wedding reception, and his fearlessness when it came to just running off down the hall. That's why I was so scared to take him on the plane! His only hobbies are being busy and getting into things! Thank goodness he was so entranced with Grizz during the flight.

Ellie meanwhile, is turning into a real little kid. She loves getting herself into the car and buckled most of the way into her seat. She picks out all of her own clothes and shoes and lets me know how I may style her hair for the day. She can give the cats treats and is extremely good with them. She's the best baking assistant a mom could ask for, and is also my #1 towel folder during laundry parties. And check out the drawing she did on a card today!

The one on the bottom has eyelashes because it's a girl, obviously.

Here are my riders during our mid-morning grocery trip. They are both extremely jet lagged, tired and miserable today, so we got the big car cart and I bribed them with a smoothie to keep them quiet (also, it doubles as a healthy lunch!)

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