Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Friends.

Friday afternoon the kids woke up early from their nap, despite being exhausted. It was so helpful of them! But instead of smothering them, I took them to the petting zoo for the last hour of its operation. Adam is finally big enough to really enjoy the place, especially when everyone gets their own binny pig to pet.

And he's big enough to really enjoy the new, improved playground equipment.

Ellie stayed at Mimi's house on Saturday night, and Tim and I were amazed how easy Sunday felt with only one baby. There was very little bickering. No one fought over toys. He took a long nap and we just farted around and watched football. Plus we took him to the groomer and got his fur trimmed.

Meanwhile, Hello Kitty had a wonderful time at Ghouleyfest in Mimi's neighborhood. Tim forgot to leave a pair of shoes for her, but Mimi came to the rescue with some great shoes that perfectly matched her costume.

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