Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Preview.

Throughout the Halloween season, Ellie has stuck with her goal of being Hello Kitty. I'm surprised she hasn't reverted to Elsa, but as I say, she sort of thinks she IS Elsa, so perhaps the idea of dressing as herself hasn't occurred to her. Meanwhile, I was unsure of what to do with Adam, and then I remembered and more importantly, FOUND Ellie's walrus costume, which I love.

Now the only question is, WHO WORE IT BETTER?

That's Ellie, one year and twelve days old, and Adam, a few days over nineteen months.

Yesterday we went to Tim's office for their trick or treat, which is always so nice. It was less insane this year than in years past, and they'd also gotten food trucks so that if you wanted to make it a full night, you could (we did not.) When we brought Sara home, I had Grizz snap a quick picture of the three of us, because who knows how the evening will go tonight. Best to make hay while the sun shines.

Hello Kitty rocking her new, hand made hat. Also, my mom sent me that candy corn necklace when I was a freshman in college, and I love it so. It's an oldie and a goodie, and reminds me of how sweet my mom was (and is) sending me a little note every week or two.

Tonight we're trick or treating with Lexi and Whitney, so that should be fun. The girls are at a fun age, and we'll see how the boys do. And then I look forward to eating myself sick, since my kids are too little to quantify how much candy they received versus how much candy actually exists during the month of November.

Also, yesterday we had Ellie's four year old check up. She did really well during the actual appointment, and clocks in at 90% for weight and height (42 pounds, 41 inches) but uff, then it was quite the show trying to get everyone immunized for the season. Adam was tired and got a flu shot, and then Ellie got the flu mist (which is more effective but can also have more side effects) plus two boosters. She screamed like she was being murdered. Plus our appointment took almost an hour because the office was nutty, so I felt near the end of my rope, trying to keep both kids from ruining the exam room. Fun for everyone! But the good news is they're healthy kids, so what more could you want?

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