Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Kicks.

Oooh, look who's got some big boy shoes!

The transformation from baby to toddler continues around here, with Gigi buying Adam his first pair of shoes this week. Unlike Ellie, he did not immediately begin sobbing when shackled into footie death traps. He did look a little confused and dropped to his knees to start crawling, but before Gigi could even pay for his shoes, he'd started walking and begun to make his way out of Stride Rite. He was quite proud of himself and his new kicks. They seem so much bigger than the little soft soled "moon boots" that we bought for Ellie, but then again, he's already 14 months and walking better than she was when we bought her first shoes a few days after she turned one.

Cute as he is, all of these changes are not without their critics. My friend Sara Jo acted like I'd ruined her baby by having his hair trimmed, and I know somewhere my mom's friend Ceanna is shaking her head at us, because she said many times that she didn't like when babies got their first shoes, because they weren't really babies any more. The good news is that he gets sweeter and funnier every day.

Also, now that he can walk, we can put him to work.
His latest obsession is getting the broom out of the front hall closet and going to work.

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