Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day.

It started early today, with Adam getting up around six and Ellie a little before seven. But it gave us time to work on putting together the ingredients for pancakes, and making a batch of snickerdoodle cookies (which Ellie calls snicker DOOOOODLES. It cracks me up) and of course, time to shower and change diapers and clean up the whirlwind messes that seem to happen every time I turn my back.

We spent the morning with Pa - I made a triple batch of pancakes since Jake was coming over after a run (and because Ellie has been known to eat three adult sized pancakes when she's hungry) and Tim brought over his new bags game, so there was bags and golfing and playing around in the back yard for a couple of hours, and then after Adam went down for a nap, the boys played catch, and the ladies went to go feed the ducks. Jake helped Ellie fit her helmet and she did some good pedaling on the way over to the boat house. And on the way home we fed a mama duck and her three sweet little babies!

When Ellie went down for a nap, Tim and I went out for a drink and some quiet time, which was really nice. We usually end up at this Irish bar in downtown Fullerton, which is near a bunch of thrift stores. Poor Tim. He is so nice and patient with my need to scout out for gently used sequined items. When we got back, we rounded up our brood and headed over to bother Grizz. They'd warmed up the spa (aka Gigi's pool) and we did some good soaking and splashing and Ellie showed off her swimming, and then we had brats and snickerdoodles (which were good, but not correct, per Grizz. My cookbook led me down the wrong path! I should have done more research, but you know, it was 7am when I ran to the grocery store.) And then a little bit of race car driving and playing out in the yard.

Overall, a fun and wonderful day with some of our favorite guys.

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