Monday, June 30, 2014

More Catching Up!

Our time with Brian and Becca was wonderful! Ellie has made an almost full recovery from her little fever - she's currently got a runny nose, and I can tell she's running at 90% instead of 100%. And then last night Adam felt a little warmer, and warmer still this morning. Thankfully, after a couple of doses of Motrin, he was back down to room temperature before his afternoon nap. At least we know they didn't get it from baby beach, as Adam didn't go in the water.

So now I will do a catch up in pictures. These first few are from a few weeks ago when Gigi took us into the Mission to get a few shots of all of us with the flowers in bloom and the mulch freshly laid.

Me: Ellie, let us take a picture of you with the hollyhocks! Ellie: Where are the hollyhocks???

"Gigi! I PICKED THIS FLOWER FOR YOU!" (not allowed)

My sweet little jewels at the Jewel of the Missions

Moving on - Friday we all drove up to LA to visit the La Brea Tar Pits. It's an LA institution! It was so surreal for me to be back on Miracle Mile, sight of one of my early grant writing jobs, except now with my two children in tow. We actually walked into the lobby of the Petersen to use the bathroom and it's very different. The Tar Pits are the same as ever, however.

Becca and Brian got caught in the tar, so we left them there.

Yes, he does wear that outfit a lot.

We walked back through the LACMA plaza and enjoyed some of their outdoor art. Ellie: What is this? Me: It's contemporary art. No one knows.

Tim was told he couldn't have Ellie on his shoulders because it was a liability. Thanks, sue-happy Los Angeles!

She also loved the Urban Light installation outside of LACMA. Again, it's contemporary art. Who knows what it means!

Saturday morning we went down to Salt Creek Beach for some good old fashioned ocean time. Ellie was, as usual, delighted with the waves, though I think Brian enjoyed the ocean the most. It was a perfect morning for it - cloudy as we arrived but sunny shortly thereafter. Nice breeze, nice waves, and a nice couple of hours in the sun and sand. We were home before lunch and the kids took three hour long naps. All of that outdoor fun can tire a little one right out!

Saturday night we got to go on a really lovely double date while Mimi and Pa babysat. We went to the Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa, where they specialize in tasting menus and wine pairings. Four courses of gorgeous food and wine, plus we ordered a bonus dessert that featured blue cheese ice cream. Blue smelly cheeses, my true love forever.

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