Monday, June 16, 2014

Company Picnic.

Tim's company's "Summerfest" was this Saturday afternoon. I was looking forward to taking down all challengers to my pie eating contest title, but they didn't hold a contest this year. THUS MAKING ME THE NOW AND FOREVER UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

We had a nice time - there were food trucks and bounce houses and rides and farm animals on display. Plus kids and dogs and friends of all kinds. People were very impressed with Ellie's dog petting manners - she is very good about asking if she can pet dogs, usually by saying "does your dog like little kids?" and then she will ask "how many is your dog?" and "what kind of dog is this?" This is in between squealing about how soft the dog is or how nice or how cute. She's a funny little muffin.

The big bounce house had a wall to climb in order to go down the slide, and Ellie was climbing it with a big kid behind her, who kept trying to pull up on the rungs before her foot left it, and she turned around and told him "EXCUSE ME," which cracks me up. She actually sat for face painting this year and got turned into a kitten (though I think she looks like a Day of the Dead skull.) She also loved her time on the Scrambler (rode it three times!) Adam loved the little bounce house, and just hanging out with us. Everyone loves a family day!

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