Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catching Up.

Sorry, sorry, so sorry! Things have gotten crazy around here, in a good way! Monday Auntie Becca arrived for a week's vacation (Brian arrives tomorrow) and we have been doing a lot of good hanging out, even though right before she arrived, poor Ellie spiked a fever out of nowhere. She did manage to rally to go out to lunch on Monday, and has enjoyed the repeated watching of Frozen, and her repeated wearing of her new Queen Elsa dress, courtesy of Gigi.

Finally, a dress with a train that drags!

Meanwhile, we had a really nice first weekend of summer. Saturday morning I spent a lot of time trying to clean up the front yard, and Tim and Ellie went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 in the theater. He is so excited that his little lady is big enough to partake in his favorite hobby. We grilled burgers for dinner, and then Ellie said she wanted to go to the ocean, so lucky little California girl that she is, we went down to baby beach in Dana Point after dinner for a little bit of splashing. Baby beach, not the cleanest beach in the world. Perhaps that's why she spiked a fever a day and a half later.

Sunday morning we went for a nice family walk and then played around the house for the afternoon. Mimi and Pa came over for pizza dinner, and Ellie was so excited to help me spread cheese and stretch the dough, and both kids were so glad to be out enjoying the back yard with their grandparents. And even more, enjoying when we went to Golden Spoon (aka the ice cream store) for a little bit of ice cream. What better way to start summer time?

Even though the kids didn't feel 100% yesterday, Mimi still came over and graciously allowed Becca and I to escape for a lunch date and a little shopping. And last night we met up with my girlfriends for a little professional development while Tim put the kids to bed. Tomorrow we have a trip to the Korean Spa (aka Korean Beauty Jail or Korean Naked Time) with two of our girlfriends, and then Brian arrives in time for dinner, hooray! It's fun to feel like I'm getting a little bit of vacation in my own area. Fabulous staycation!

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