Sunday, February 23, 2014


It has been a weekend. I came down with mastitis overnight on Friday and woke up Saturday morning shivering and praying for a quick death. Ellie has some sort of whining disease brought on by being 3 years old, and also ran smack into the corner of the dining room wall trying to chase a cat and split her head (thankfully, no stitches required.) Adam, after maybe a week of clean health, has caught another cold and is snuffly and miserable. The only way I could get him to nap was to finally rock him to sleep and let him snooze on my chest this afternoon. So sweaty and wheezy! I predict tonight will not be our best evening. Weekends - not as fun with kids, especially when you end up stuck in the house.

But, here's some finished pictures of our house.

Tomorrow Ricardo comes to start fixing up the yard. I can only assume he's going to chop down my pet weed. We've had a good run though!

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