Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Funday.

Sadly, we have not been to the petting zoo this weekend - we have been busy else where! I know, hard to believe. Today we went to a third birthday party that featured a great bounce house, some lovely cake, and a pinata full of stamps, which Ellie is raring to use after nap time.

Yesterday we invited ourselves over to Mimi and Pa's for dinner, because we are pests. And because Mimi and Pa like spending time with their grandkids for some reason. Ellie, Eileen and I went for a walk around the lake to visit the ducks, and got to see the sun set beautifully over the lake.

Land of Gracious Living indeed!

It was a really nice evening catching up and hanging out. Everyone was very impressed with Adam's enthusiastic stair crawling, and then during bath time, Tim and I got sprung to relax for an hour, so we went and had a cocktail and ate a mixing bowl sized ice cream sundae at Kenos down the road. I've always jokingly asked Tim why he never takes me to Kenos (picture a Denny's, but with a bar/lounge section) and now he has! I can die happy now.

We've also been moving along on the house front. The house was power washed on Friday, and then the guys have been here today repairing some of the dry rot and termite damage to the wood parts, and fixing up the stucco in places, like where the old cover once lived. Tim and I picked our paint colors yesterday (that's right, we waited until basically they were ready to paint) and the house is going to continue to be a pale yellow with white trim, but we are changing the parts that are currently rust colored to a medium blue, and we're also painting the front door blue. I think it's going to look great when all is said and done. They are planning on starting installation of the actual patio cover on Thursday. I will say, after two indoor improvement projects, it's really nice that everything is out in the yard, so I don't spend every evening sweeping up dry wall and cursing about the mess my house has become. Now it's just our usual, regular mess of cat hair and cheerios.

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