Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eleven Months.

Our favorite little baby friend turned 11 months old today. I can hardly believe that time has gone so fast - I have started getting supplies together for his birthday party, and Ellie loves to tell me about how he's going to turn one.

He continues to be the best natured little guy you could ask for, though when he's displeased or sad, he has THE MOST ear piercing shriek. And when he wants something, he grunts at you until it comes his way. He especially likes to have his own spoon to chew on at dinner, and doesn't understand why I won't give him my fork so that he can stab himself. He's got his seventh tooth pushing through right now, so he eats anything and everything.

There have been some brief seconds where he'll stand without support, but he doesn't seem close to taking his first steps, probably because he can crawl at lightning speed. He enjoys turning the receiver on and off, trying to open cabinets, and just otherwise being a nuisance. Loves to over turn the cat water, but only when it's full to the brim. He chatters along, but no real words yet. He also continues to be a snuggler - still loves riding in the ergo, and will still fall asleep in it when things are busy. When he's tired and I pick him up, he will put his thumb into his mouth and snuggle into my shoulder in a way that just makes my heart seize. He's such a love. The thing that makes him laugh the loudest is having someone pretend to eat his stomach, and of course, he adores his big sister.

I am constantly amazed with Ellie too. She's almost three and a half, and she can fully put on her own shoes, and can do most of her own dressing - she definitely likes to pick out her own clothes! The other morning after she finished her "cheerio cereal" (it's only cereal if it has milk) she went to the kitchen, got her stool and stood on it so she could dump out the rest of the milk and put her bowl and spoon in the sink. She recognizes her letters, and especially her own name. She's so funny and clever when it comes to making up new songs or little funny sayings. And I'm always proud of how kind hearted and polite she can be. When i was feeling like flaming dog doo on Saturday morning, she sat and cuddled with me and kissed me, and woke me up from my nap with a get well card she'd made. 

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