Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Couch Problems.

Was taking myself a nice, relaxing shower this morning, when all of a sudden I had a sobbing three year old standing on the other side of the shower door. She told me she'd had an accident, and I assured her it was no big deal, and started taking off her PJs so she could jump into the shower and rinse off. And then she informed me that she'd peed on the couch. GREAT. I got her rinsed off and went to go check the damage, hoping that she'd just peed a little bit, but no, she peed all over a cushion. Thankfully, when I got the cover off, it had caught most of the mess. And it's just a couch.

Then later when we were driving, she started asking me about what had happened to her jammies, and I told her I threw them in the laundry. And we had the following conversation:

Her: I only peed on my pants!
Me: You peed on your pants, and your undies, and your socks. And the couch.
Her: But I didn't pee on my shirt!
Me: Well, good work then. I still put it in the laundry.
Ellie: Why did you put it in the laundry?
Me: It's just best to be safe.
Her: But... maybe I could wear it tonight.
Me: That's not happening.
Her: Maybe I will wear my other Hello Kitty jammies.

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