Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie Film.

It seems like all of our little preschool friends have been going to see Frozen, to rave reviews. I have been hesitant about taking Ellie to a movie, mostly because Mimi and Pa took her see Despicable Me 2 a few months ago and it was a wash. And because half the time she will wander in to bother me midway through an episode of Sesame Street, instead of being a proper zombie like I need. She's a mover and a shaker, not so much a watcher. Even while traveling, we haven't been able to get her to really engage in a movie for any length of time, despite her love of Tim's tablet.

But there was a Frozen singalong being shown in a theater near us, and Kristen and Lexi were set to go, so I just hoped that with the singing allowed, Ellie's talking or fussing wouldn't be a deal breaker, so we set off yesterday, with Ellie dressed to the nines in her new Hello Kitty wear.

Hello Kitty is our feline overlord. Also, when I look at this picture I feel like I am getting a glimpse at what 12 year old Ellie is going to be like.

Auntie Sara joined us at the theater, and we had lots of popcorn and snacks to keep everyone occupied. Ellie did okay - not great, and I wouldn't take her to a movie again for awhile. She liked the singing, but she wasn't following the story and got bored pretty quickly. It also didn't really help that we were at the theater during what is normally her nap time (I had hoped maybe if she was tired, she'd just snuggle up with me and zone out.) At several points towards the end, she told me she wanted to leave, but we stuck it out and ultimately had a nice time.

And THEN, a dance party in downtown San Juan before heading out.

So. The verdict is that I am not taking her to a movie again for awhile, but I'm glad we went! And then around 5:30, she totally melted into a pile of exhausted goo and we put her to bed an hour and a half earlier than normal. At least it made me feel like I'm not crazy for still making her nap every day. Clearly, she needs it.

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