Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Speaking of Bears.

Today, as a belated birthday celebration, we took Auntie Sara to Build a Bear so that she and Ellie could each make a stuffed animal of their own choosing. Sara may be 31, but she loves a good stuffed animal for snuggling, just like her little pal Ellie. In fact, Sara will often share her stuffed animals if Ellie is in need at nap time.

I didn't know how Ellie was going to do. I figured it could be one of those experiences that I get all jazzed about, but she is absolutely horrified by, or it could be a dream come true. Thankfully, it was great. Ellie quickly picked out a bunny (SURPRISE) and then was interested in getting the bunny all fluffed up, and filled with "bunny guts" (a few months ago purple bunny sprung a leak over night and I had to explain to her that it was bunny guts, as I pushed purple bunny's stuffing back in and sewed up his back.)

Gut machine

She also liked making a wish on the little heart that they have you put inside your animal

Sara picked a tie dye rainbow bear, and both ladies got tutus for their animals. Sara's bear is named Rainbow, and Ellie's rabbit is named... wait for it... BUNNY!

They were quite the happy pair

Adam was hanging out in the ergo the entire time - we did not opt to get him a stuffed animal, because he really only has eyes for lambykins.

Oh, and ice cream. He was all about the ice cream treat we had afterwards.

The kids have been making me a little nutso the past week. Adam is going through a bit of separation anxiety and so he spends a lot of time chasing me around the house if I do something monstrous like go into the kitchen to make breakfast, or leave the bathroom and walk over to the dresser to go put on pants after a shower. And if he's not chasing me and whining, he's pulling up on me and whining. And then there's Ellie talking a mile a minute - asking the same questions over and over again, or repeating something four times after I acknowledge what she said (ten times if I don't respond right away.) My ears hurt, and my poor head might explode. It reminds me of an old episode of the Simpsons, where the kids are all acting up in the car and Marge finally yells "STOP SAYING THINGS!" Even when I ask Ellie to be quiet for a minute, she will pause long enough to suck in some more air, and go right back to talking. Or asking her to be quiet because Adam is sleeping gets me about four seconds of quiet before she does something loud enough to wake him. Add to that, she is a sometimes naughty three year old, and my sanity can only handle so much. We are a bunch of nuts.

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