Monday, May 6, 2013


Adam is going to be six weeks old in a matter of hours. The time has gone amazingly fast. With Ellie, I was counting down the days until six weeks because I was told it was going to get "easier" but with Adam, we've just sort of moved right along. We have our tough moments, but there is much less sobbing, overall. He's a sweet little guy, and we are six weeks in with no big displays of jealousy from his big sister.

We had a crazy busy weekend. Becca and I are really having a blast together, and two of our LA girlfriends came down for visits, and then Frank and Jasmin and Lucas stopped by yesterday afternoon. Party all the time! Plus Ellie got to go to the petting zoo yesterday morning. And we had an additional animal sighting.

Yesterday morning most of us were up at 6am (hooray... yawn) and around 7 I was going to the garage to grab a Diet Coke. I opened the door and had a small creature scurry to my feet. I thought it was a rat and started screaming, and then as I was slamming the door shut, realized it was actually a possum. Tim came running out of bed in his underwear at the sound of my screams and the word "baby" (for baby possum.) Not the way we all wanted to start our mornings. I went and opened the garage door from the outside, and called animal control. They said they don't come out unless you can tell them exactly where the animal is, and in the case of a small possum, all they'd do is shoo it. Tim tried to tell me that since possums are marsupial, I couldn't have possibly seen a baby one, and I told him it was small, but I wouldn't have been screaming if it was an inch long pink eraser looking thing. It was a varmint! Maybe not a full grown varmint, but one none the less. When we finally went out to shoo, we found no possums in the garage, just a napkin he'd chewed. I am still a little nervous to go out there - I hope the whole family isn't living in the rafters and just waiting silently to drop on my head. We're pretty sure he came in because we accidentally left the garage door open the other night.

Ellie is IN LOVE with the idea of the possum. We discuss him multiple times a day now - how he came in to drink all our soda (Auntie Becca's contribution) and how I told him to go home and see his mommy, and how he scared me. She also likes to say how she went out and held him and shushed him (a bold faced lie) and how silly it all was. Silly in a wild animal surprising the crap out of me way.

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