Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Sistering, Part II.

Last week Ellie's best friend Lexi became a big sister to a little brother too, and there was much rejoicing around our house hold. Well, rejoicing, and some screaming when I had to tell Ellie REPEATEDLY for several days running that no, we could not go visit the new baby. No, we were not going to Lexi's house. No, we had not been invited to go to the hospital. Fine, we can look at the picture of the new baby on my phone. No, we cannot go see him, I just told you that. She gets a little stir crazy if she doesn't see Lexi at least once a week, and add the excitement of a new baby into the mix and it was total looney toons time.

Today we got to meet baby Judd, and it was wonderful to see both little girls being big sisters today. Mostly we were glad that they didn't fight too much, so that neither of the new nursing moms had to spend time breaking up disagreements over dumb plastic toys - the best is when they fight over a piece of plastic food.

Of course, we took a few pictures so that when the boys grow up a little bit and become best friends too, we can show them their history together.

I cannot BELIEVE how huge Adam looks. Granted, they are a full seven weeks apart, but I can't believe that Adam was once that small! (they were both roughly the same size at birth.) Please enjoy Adam's lovely fat rolls. I love his chunky legs.

And of course, the big sisters got in on the action.
Such sweethearts!

It'll be good for the boys to have each other as they get bigger, because goodness knows Ellie and Lexi each have their own pair of bossy pants.

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