Thursday, May 2, 2013

Auntie Becca.

Hello loyal blog friends. Sorry for the slow week. It's been a slow week, except for the fact that on Wednesday morning we picked Auntie Becca up at the airport, HOORAY! I am so happy to have her here, not only because I love her to death, but because lately I feel like the wheels are sort of coming off being a mother of two, and I am eternally grateful for the second pair of hands. Lately it feels impossible to do anything if both children are awake, because one baby is always screaming for me. And hearing screaming all day makes me a little loony. Thankfully, Adam loves snuggling with Becca, and Ellie loves looking at pictures of cats and playing in the tent with her. Also, Becca is sleeping on the trundle bed in Ellie's room. SLEEPOVER PARTY!

Adam has started to give some huge gassy smiles. I cannot WAIT until he gives me a real one. I will eat his face when that happens.

Becca told me I had to put Adam in a real piece of clothing instead of just pajamas. He is wearied by it. He is nearly six weeks old and this is only his second day out of footie pajamas (I had him in a onesie once.)

Considering smiling!

Someone is turning into a big fat fatty!

From Sunday evening - Ellie and her Mommy Matters pals got together at the park, and we tried to take a picture of all of them. As you may recall, Ellie has been SCREAMING through these pictures for the past year or so. This time she didn't scream, but she at first refused to sit.

Then I promised her a piece of candy
I didn't have any with me though. SUCKER. I cannot believe that they're all almost three, and that half of these kiddos are big siblings now or will be before the month is out (the two guys at the end are brothers, so cute!)

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