Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well, we sadly had to put Becca on a plane yesterday. Her help over the past week was amazing - having someone to hold Adam so I could get things done and entertain Ellie when I was nursing. She really was a team player - changing nasty blow out diapers, getting peed on once, having Ellie refuse to hold her hand (jerk!) It was so nice to have her keeping me company and making me laugh. Really, the only reason we let her go home is because I already have my plane tickets to see her in July and celebrate her wedding.

Meanwhile, we were back to our regular music class this morning. We missed last week because we were getting Bec at the airport. When we went to make the lesson up on Monday afternoon, Ellie lost her marbles over the fact that Lexi wouldn't be there. Then this morning when I told her Lexi was sick and wouldn't be at our regular class, there was copious weeping in the kitchen. Hopefully next week! We did get to go to the park beforehand, and then there was some dancing at music, like usual. Adam slept through most of it, which I appreciate. Then we were able to join the knitters at the newly reopened Pedros, where Ellie ate her very own taco, and I put down a burrito like I'd never eaten before. Nursing makes me hoooooongry.

Adam continues to be an excellent nurser. He is different from his sister in that he will get full and refuse to eat more - he'll actually cry if he's tired and full and milk goes into his mouth. Ellie would have eaten until her stomach exploded. Last weekend seemed to be a big growth spurt for our little guy, and after spending several days feeding him mostly nonstop, he's thankfully doing a lot more sleeping and when I did the laundry I had to pull out several outfits that he's outgrown. He's solidly into his 3 month outfits, while Ellie is pushing mostly into 3T clothing. My stack of laundry to space bag was almost larger than my stack of laundry to put back in the dressers. WHO AUTHORIZED THIS! They are all so big.

Adam is starting to look more like his sister to me. Everyone keeps commenting how similar they look, and I haven't really seen it. Then I took this picture and was forced to acknowledge the resemblance:
They are both cute - Tim and I make good babies.

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