Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fearless Fish.

We've had a nice long weekend. Nothing too crazy or exciting - we did some cleaning around the house, we had friends over for dinner, and yesterday morning we went to a friend's house in Irvine and went to their community lagoon to swim. A couple local communities have these lagoon-type pools - it's a concrete bottom and five feet deep in places, but most of the pool is only deep enough for wading, and there's sand around the edges. So a man made beach/pool combo. A winning combination!

This particular one also has a slide. And boy, was Ellie into the slide:

She is an absolutely fearless swimmer and slider. Thank goodness we had four parents for the three toddlers in the water so there was someone to help the kids onto the slide and catch them at the bottom (none of the kids seem to get that they had to put their feet down and stand up.)

We had a total blast, but it also confirms for me my initial suspicion that we won't be going to the lagoon or the beach club with just me trying to take on the two kids. There is no way I could be hands on enough with Ellie with Adam strapped to my chest, and with her moxie, she needs a full time pool monitor!

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