Thursday, September 6, 2012

Step Two.

My construction supervisor (my dad) and I met with the general contractor today, and he is a hit. He had some good ideas about how to maximize the space in our kitchen and make it more useable, and he's got a pretty enormous shop, so the cabinets, granite and tile will all be supplied by him. The project can start in eight weeks, and he estimates it'll take about two and a half weeks to get the job done (which I know means ONE MILLION YEARS) so while we won't be hosting Thanksgiving, we'll have a kitchen for Christmas and beyond. 2013, the year I make turkeys every week because I can!

We are officially doing this, and Tim and I will be shopping for appliances this weekend. We've gotten our fair ration of shit for "procrastinating" on this project, but after the crap show that was being 34 weeks pregnant and having holes punched in my ceiling, combined with being a full time dairy cow for the first year and a half of Ellie's life, I haven't been mentally ready to tackle this project. And in the end, even if we'd waited another two years, it's not like our kitchen is a condemned, moldy hole in the ground that we've been refusing to fix. Now, it will have beautiful new counters and tiles for the new year. MIMOSAS FOR EVERYONE!

Ellie continues to crack me up. This afternoon she suddenly burst into the living room and yelled "I'm awake now!" after her nap. Oh, indeed, I see you are. She then spent the next half hour reading with me and eating raw green beans, washed and snapped in half. Then we went outside for a good hour of chalk time.

She was a happy, dirty little chubba cheeks.

She's just so funny lately. She made me draw her some bunnies, and then started petting the chalk drawing, saying how soft and nice the hop hops were. Later, she was talking about how hop hops hop away to their mamas, and she could fly like a bird, so she was running around waving her hands in the air. Like she just didn't care.

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