Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Day!

Last week was our final week of tumbling class, and we don't start back up with music class until next week, so today seemed like a perfect day to take the girls to the petting zoo. And indeed, it was. We got there at 9:30 and the place was empty, so all of the rabbits and guinea pigs were excited to see us (and our carrot sticks.) The girls got their fill of petting the animals (the first time) and then it was fun time in the corn box, some playing on the swing set they have there, and back to say a final goodbye to the small animals. We did feed the goats a bit, but generally, the pen with the pigs/goats/sheep is avoided, because they are large, slightly aggressive, and incredibly smelly.

It's just fun to see Ellie so excited - delighted by the guinea pigs squeaking, in love with the rabbits, spending a good half hour just rolling around in a bunch of dry corn (I found a kernel in her diaper at 5pm, even though I'd shaken her clothes out and already changed her diaper earlier in the day. How that corn got there, I have no idea.) She's very gentle and sweet with the animals, and overjoyed every time I get one to sit in her lap with her.

Afterwards we got lunch and the girls were very cute, splitting a grilled cheese and begging for fries like little puppy dogs. We stopped by to say hey to the knitters, and then Ellie sacked out for a fat nap on the way over to Gigi's house. Then she cried when she woke up at Gigi wasn't home yet. It's hard to be a little girl.

Funny: the past two days she has looked at me while playing with someone else (last night Tim, this afternoon Gigi) and said "go away mama!" I know I'm supposed to be all hurt and weep because my child rejected me, but in reality, it's like, "oh well, bye then, fart face!" I would have paid good money for her to be happy with someone else back when she was a tiny, colicky baby, and so I'm in no place to resent it now! MORE ALONE TIME FOR ME!

Tonight we went with Gigi and Grizz and Sara to a Tip a Cop fundraiser at Chili's, to raise funds for Special Olympics. Ellie was a bit of a pill when we arrived, but Grizz saved the day with the monkey game on his phone, and she was actually much improved by the arrival of a cup of milk. Her main motivation was getting some of Auntie Sara's french fries (and I can't blame her, they were good fries) so I bargained with her, and induced her to eat a couple of bites of chicken and a handful of cherry tomatoes (which I am now carrying with me everywhere because they are a good, healthy snack for her) in between fries.

OH THE CHILDRENSES! Tomorrow all we have is a play date, and then the moms and I are ditching the kids with our husbands and going out for some Professional Development. That means cocktails!

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