Monday, September 3, 2012

Jubilation Day.

You know what is allllllmost more fun than this sweet, innocent little face?

Spending an evening with my boyfriend, listening to some fantastic music. Did you know that Steve Martin is playing banjo with a bluegrass band? And that they are AWESOME?

I then made Tim walk with me to Amoeba Records so that we could buy some additional Steep Canyon Rangers CDs. Their live version of this song absolutely gave me chills.

We had a very nice night out in Hollywood, and Ellie was apparently a little angel baby doll for her Mimi and Pa. We very much appreciate their willingness to take on the entertaining of tiny, overnight guests.

We were able to all reunite at Gigi and Grizz's house for a Labor Day BBQing of bratwurst, and some delicious popcorn salad. It is my new favorite mayonnaise based salad, by a long shot (brats are always my favorite.)

And we convinced Ellie to go in the pool at dusk to do some tricks for Mimi and Pa.

She was even convinced to jump off the back wall for them

She's in there.... somewhere...

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