Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Funnies.

Me: Hey look Ellie, Lulu is catching a bug to eat.
Ellie: I can mmm da bug?
Me: No. No, you don't eat bugs. You're a little girl. Lulu can eat bugs because she's a cat.
Me: No. You can eat some of this banana.
Ellie: I can mmm my binah!

So, we go for a walk almost every morning. She has to get on board with it, whether she's ready or not. Some days, she is really excited to get my shoes for me. Some days, she will take the second one and cry when I try to put it on.
Me: I need to wear that shoe so we can walk.
Ellie: I can have it?
Me: No, you can't have it. If you want, I can use it to kick you in the butt.
Ellie: Kick my butt?
Me: Yeah, turn around. I'll kick you in the butt.
Ellie: Dada can kick my butt wid his sock?
Me: Yeah, daddy will kick your butt too, go over to him.
Tim: Turn around, let me kick you in the butt.

After her nap, racing into the living room:

At 7am in the morning.
Ellie: I'm awake now! I climb up to mama. Hug hug hug. I snuggle on dada pillow. Mama be awake now?

Ellie: Dada car?
Me: Daddy took his car and went to work.
Ellie: Dada at his work.
Me: Does your daddy work hard for the money?
Ellie: NO!

Ellie: mama put on some make up?
Me: Do you think I need make up?
Ellie: Yes!
Me: Do you think I'm looking ugly?
Ellie: Yes!
Me: Okay, let's put on some makeup. How do I look?
Ellie: Good!

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