Sunday, September 30, 2012

14 Weeks.

So, I have moved into the second trimester of my pregnancy with Lambeau Field, and things are going well. In some ways, it's very similar to being pregnant with Ellie - I'm tired a lot, all I want to do is eat spicy things until my stomach lining dissolves, I am eager for things to start feeling more real.

I don't even really have a bump yet. I have a paunch at the end of the night for sure, but not so much a human baby. Still wearing my regular clothes, have only gained about two pounds, and not experiencing any flutters yet, though I'm hopeful. I felt my first little kicks from Ellie when I was 16 weeks along, and they say that often times you can feel a second child earlier in the pregnancy, so I spend a lot of quiet time at night with my hands on my stomach, hoping to feel some bubbling or fluttering (mostly, I feel gassy.)

Mostly, I feel like I'm just keeping on, except during Ellie's nap times, when I have to take a nap of my own to pull through the rest of the day, and at bed time, which sometimes is dangerously close to 9pm.  What can I say, growing a baby is hard work.

Though, I heard an old wives tale today that says if your older child says mama first, you're going to have a girl. If they say dada, you're going to have a boy. The exciting news is I AM HAVING A KITTEN!

I love kittens.

Things were pretty laid back this weekend. E and I both have booger noses, and yesterday I thought my sinuses were going to explode. Tim and I took her to the park, and while she ran around like a crazy person, followed closely by her father, I took a nap in the grass (also like a crazy person.)

Today we had Mimi and Pa and Ed and Erl over for Sunday Funday football watching. Which, was only fun when the Packers finally won. Why must we always be screwed by the refs? Ellie had fun the  whole time though, chasing Mimi around the house. There was a lot of delighted squealing, monkey noises, and then Ellie racing into the living room to tell us all that she and Mimi were silly.

It's good that she's having so much fun with her grandparents, because next weekend Tim and I are going to Chicago. GRANDPARENTS IN CHARGE!

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