Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More La La?

Today after a several week hiatus, we were off to music class with zany Miss Elena once again. This time, we're at a local community center, and slightly later in the morning, which meant Kristen and I got our coffees pre-music class, and took the girls to play at the nearby playground.

It's funny how much more grown up the girls were after just a few months off. Last round, Ellie spent the entire time in my lap, often completely stone faced. This time? She was a DANCING FOOL. Out of my lap, all over the room, hands in the air like she just didn't care, dancing and banging her sticks and clanking her instrument. It was great to see (also, it was nice to not have to carry her around on my hip during the up and active portion of our music time.)

Such a change - three months ago if I so much as stood up she'd freak out at me to hold her, and today during the play along time (aka: kids bang instruments like crazed monkeys) I slipped out to use the bathroom, and when I came back she was jamming with Kristen and Lexi, not sobbing.

She's a little ham, it's true.

Tonight we're heading up to LA to have dinner with Tim, who is doing management training courses through UCLA extension. He's having a great time and learning a lot, but we all miss each other very much. Ellie broke my heart the other day while we were looking through one of her newborn photo albums. I said "that's daddy holding his baby for the first time" and she says "dada no go to work dat day." She was so happy to see him via Skype this morning, so I can't wait to see how thrilled she is when she sees him in the flesh.

In other news, she will turn 2 a month from today. WHO AUTHORIZED THIS? Here is a brief video of us screwing around before heading to music class.

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