Thursday, July 5, 2012

Door County Photo Dump

We.... had... the time of our lives... and we owe it all to Door Cooooounty.

We are now safely in La Crosse, where it is 100-some degrees, but at least there is internet access. Our little lady has been a wonderful traveling companion and generally a joy to be around. I feel so lucky that we've had such a great vacation so far, and that she's getting to see so many family and friends.

But I am also exhausted, so here are some pictures, and then I am off to bed.

Center of the Universe!

Basically, the only reason any one got off the deck was to go get snacks/ice or to play yard games. Here we have Nerds versus Nollins playing bags.

Ellison Bay Beach

Additional splashing time in the front yard

Kid spent most of the vacation just running around in a diaper. Hey, if it makes her happy!

The boil master gives her a rinse

A little sharing with Uncle John

A little uppa-down with daddy

Fourth of July with Becca and Brian, who were excellent cabin mates

Hot as hell but still happy at the parade in Bailey's Harbor (so glad Tim managed to fit all of my chins into the picture!)

WE ARE OUT OF ICE CREAM AND I AM SWELTERING AND I AM NOT HAPPY AND WHY IS THIS PARADE SO LONG?  (please note the real tears rolling down her fat, sweaty cheeks.)

Boil over time! Time to get your fresh fish!

Becca and Brian were nominated to pull the fish out of the boiling over pot. They did an admirable job.

Family hug!

Becca and I with our best Door County finds - I got a sweet owl* feather, and Becca bought that amazing owl lamp for $35 at the antique store.
*actually, a turkey feather, but who cares.

And today, after a pretty good drive across the state, Ellie was reunited with her favorite little relative, and introduced to the marble game. A fabulous trip so far!

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