Friday, July 20, 2012

So Smart!

Ellie's teeth continue to hurt, so we treat them with our old reliable friends - baby ibuprofen and lots of cold toys. And we do the best we can to get sleep when we can. For example, normally I wake her up from her nap if she goes past 4pm, but her night sleeping has been so terrible that today I couldn't bear to wake her up (she squeaked on her own come 4:05.) When she woke up, I was there with a cold toy and some snuggles - she is just the best little cuddle bunny when she wakes up in the afternoon.

Today she started crying a little and asking for "poppieco," which I thought meant popcorn, and told her no, we were not going to have popcorn. She kept whining and finally I realized that she wanted a popsicle! Such a smart little egg. So a dose of motrin and two popsicles later, she was ready and raring for the rest of our afternoon.

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