Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today we had our regularly scheduled outing with Lexi - a little trip to baby gym class, which Ellie is really starting to get in to. Then a quick stop at Starbucks for some coffee and some chatting time. The patio there is nice in that there's only two ways out, so Kristen and I can pick a seat with good sight lines and then basically kick back and let the kids wander around (until they get hungry and come back for more fruit and crackers.)

Then, because we haven't seen the knitters in what feels like a million years, we swung by to meet them for lunch, and Kristen and Lexi came with too! The ladies really seemed to love seeing Ellie and Lexi together, basically because they are the cutest. When Lexi arrived, Ellie ran over to her screaming "baby Lah!" and there was much chitter chattering and following each other around. It's so fun to see them really playing with each other, after 21 months of playing next to each other. On Sunday night, we'd hung out with Lexi and her family, and for the first time, while the adults were prepping dinner, the girls were playing quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) BY THEMSELVES! I mean, occasionally we had to break up a fight and redistribute toys, but they were mostly content to sit and play at their picnic table and chase each other around. And the cutest ever - when we had them hug goodbye, Lexi goes "see you in the morning!"

It's so nice to have a friend like Kristen (and a friend like Lexi.) I was so worried when we moved to Orange County because none of my college friends are here, and none of our friends were starting families. I feel so lucky that one of the first moms I met has become one of my closest friends. Her husband is also great (as is my husband) so we can just hang out, goof off and enjoy ourselves. It's so fun to watch the girls talk to each other now; I can't wait to see them at 5, 10, or 15, knowing they've been friends for their entire lives.

Somehow, saying cheese ends up looking like saying teeny tiny.

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