Monday, July 23, 2012

Cousin Time!

Today we went down to Oceanside to visit with our little twin cousins, who are getting SO BIG! Sadly, the nap schedules meant that the girls only got about a half hour together, but they were in love. Ellie kept calling both of them Nina, but then as soon as we got in the car, she started crying for Thalia. Both girls thought Ellie was the bees knees, and it was so cute to watch them crawl after her as she wandered around, whining for things and generally getting into trouble.

"I especially enjoy sitting if I can have an item." (Nina on the left, Thalia on the right.)

"Some sugar for you, baby Nina"

"Would you like some sugar, other baby Nina?"

"Learn how to walk, because I'm off to play with your toys!"

The downside of all the fun was that Beans took a terrible nap, which we dealt with by throwing her in the pool for almost an hour. It was HILARIOUS. First, there was a great deal of splashing each other in the face with me, Dad, Sara and Ellie. If you can't rough house, you can't hang. Then we convinced her that it would be fun to float in the duck again, which of course, it was. Especially with me and Dad swimming up to her and pretending to be sharks. Please note: while Ellie is NOT a flower, she is in fact a shark. So am I, and so is Grizz. There was also a lot of jumping - off the step, from arm to arm, and then she wanted to do like the big girls, go up on the back wall of the pool (which is about three feet from the water level) and jump in. Our video recording had some technical difficulties, but suffice to say, it was pretty awesome. Grizz was up there holding her and helping lower her part of the way into my waiting hands, but I usually let her whole head submerge when she jumps - the swim instructor has talked about how you want to be close to your kids in the water, but when encouraging them to jump in, let them go under for a beat before scooping them out, otherwise they'll always expect you to have their hands on them the entire time, and no kid swims with their parents hands underneath them nonstop.

We did however, manage to get Ellie doing some business calls on video.

"Hello, Ellie here."

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