Friday, July 27, 2012

Stuff My Baby Says.

Ellie: Shhhhh! Baby sleeping!
Me: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake your baby. I know how tough it can be to get some babies to sleep. Babies are tough.
Ellie: Baby tough. Mama tough too!
Me: Yes, your mama is tough too.

Me: I love you! Do you love me?
Ellie: I love.... BABY LAH!

Ellie: I forgot my hop hop! Hop hop eat carrots.

Me: are you following Gigi?
Ellie: Change Gigi diaper!
Me: Gigi doesn't wear diapers.

Me: Do you want to go pee in the toilet?
Ellie: No.
Me: Okay, well, when you want to, you can. Big girls pee and poop in the toilet. Where does mama go pee? Does she pee in her diaper?
Ellie: No.
Me: Does she pee in her pants?
Ellie: No.
Me: Where does mama go pee?
Ellie: Over dere. [we were in the car when this was discussed, so I'm not sure where she was indicating.]

Ellie: No way Jose Dada!

Ellie: Mama, more run so fast? (this is after I've done my usual mile or so running down the trail)
Me: No, that's okay, that's enough running for me!

Sometimes, we also see a rabbit on the trail. They of course, hop away.
Ellie: Hop hop hop away so fast. Hop hop home. Mama hold him.
Me: That's right, he went home, to see his mama.
Ellie: Mama hold him.

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