Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pack It!

The baby is currently napping, the laundry is currently cycling, and I just finished scribbling out a page-long packing list for our trip. To say that I'm nervous is an understatement. In years gone by, my biggest concerns were which flip flops to wear and what charm bracelets to bring (trick question: the answer is bring ALL charm bracelets ALWAYS.) And Tim is always easy - bring one video game tee shirt per day, one notebook and one gameboy, and you're set to go. But now things have changed - trying to figure out how many diapers to bring for our friend, what lovies and babies to have for her to hold, and which books will hold her attention for the longest. I'm not so much worried about the drives, because she's used to her car seat (and we're used to ignoring her in the car) and when we're in Wisconsin, we'll have access to plenty of grocery stores and washing machines to make our lives easy.

It's the plane that scares me. Because I am a cheap bastard, and because this is my last chance to do so, I'm having her fly as a lap child. Granted, we will have five laps that she can spread across, but she's not always the quietest or best at sitting. The good news is that we're flying with Grizz, Mr. Frequent Fliers Platinum Member, and so we can use his benefits - he'll be able to board early so we won't have to fight for overhead space, we can check a big suitcase for free (thus freeing me from trying to make sure every toiletry is TSA approved) and if anything goes wrong, the airline cares more about making him happy than it does most travelers on the giant flying tin can. The other good news is that he has generously loaded up his iPad with kid friendly movies and games, even allowing me to spend 99 cents via his iTunes account to get some Monkey Fun Time preschool app that my friends raved about. I'm hoping that between the excitement of the airplane, her old friend the Cat and the Hat cartoon (not super educational, but good to put on if one would want to take a shower in peace and quiet these days) and lots and lots of snacks, we can do it. And of course, Elizabeth loves the "pecial la la hat" I purchased for her (headphones) and gets a huge thrill out of holding mommy's iPad (iPod.)

We can't wait to see all of our family and friends and relax and recharge in the country's best state. I am looking forward to eating cheese until I feel ill, getting bit to death by mosquitos, and laying around in Greg and Lisa's hammock from Puerto Rico (25 years old and still going strong!) My iPod is all charged up with a sweet dance party play list, and Becca has purchased Bananagrams, so I can own everyone with my incredible smarts when we retire to our cabin at the end of the night. Plus, there is nothing better than seeing Ellie with her great grandparents - we can't wait to get our hands on them.

In closing, here is a video of her yapping it up after her nap the other day. I would say the midwest doesn't know what's about to hit them, but then again, she learned to yap from the best.

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