Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Weekend of Summer.

...and Ellie ends it by going to bed at 7:30pm. It's still light out, by the way.

But I can't blame the girl, it's been a busy weekend! Lots of walking with her dada, a fun afternoon and dinner out with Mimi and Pa, and then a trip to the ocean today, followed by two different sojourns into the pool.

I mean, I found it exhausting, just chasing after her.

She's truly my daughter though - we got to the water and before mom, Sara or I could put down our bags and towels, Ellie was streaking towards the waves, screaming with joy. She wasn't too hot on the water sucking the sand away from her feet as the waves receded, but she wasn't bothered by the waves crashing into her or the cold of the water.


So, the last two times I've taken Ellie to the beach, we've been unprepared in terms of outfits - the first time I didn't really expect to let her splash, so I didn't have a suit for her (or even a spare diaper.) The second time, I didn't have a bathing suit on myself, so I didn't want to get too soaked in my jeans. This time, everyone was in the correct outfits, but we neglected to bring any of her sand toys, so we didn't really have anything to distract her with when she was shivering and in need of a break from the water.

Thankfully, a nice grandma nearby let us borrow her grandson's toy for a bit. Ellie was very interested in the "dump it!" part of sandcastle making.

We came home, let her splash in the pool, gave her a bath and then put her down for a nap, which lasted close to two hours... until Petunia opened the bedroom door and woke her up. That sort of set us back for the day, and Ellie only dug herself a deeper hole of exhaustion by wanting to go back in the spa (which was still sort of warm) for an hour around 4pm. She had a great time though, and that's what matters.

And goodness knows, after all of that swimming and bathing and splashing, she sure is clean and fresh smelling!

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