Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Marvelous Girl.

Being a stay at home parent can be draining. The day to day is a lot of work - all the diapers, all the meals, listening to all the whining, mitigating all the temper tantrums, all the naps that end hours before they should...

And lord knows, we have had some really horrible, rough days over the past almost 20 months. since she turned one and started walking and talking, we've really had a lot of fun, that little girl and I. She's getting so big so quickly. I feel like she looks enormous when I lay her down in bed, which also makes me laugh because most people would see a toddler in a queen sized bed and marvel over how small she looks. I'm just amazed by her - how cute she is, how funny her little curls are, how enthusiastic she is about almost EVERYTHING in life. I just feel so lucky that she wants to wrap her little fat arms around my neck and hug me a million times a day. She makes me laugh with her antics and her creativity and her joy at life. I'm lucky to be her mama.

So, below is a reeeeeally long video (7 minutes.) I wanted to catch on tape what it's like to have a conversation with the little goofball. Pretty boring, but I know in six months I will look back and get misty eyed, watching her.

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