Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tricked Ya!

Haha, tonight we got Elizabeth to eat something other than cereal. By pureeing the heck out of a couple of slices of pear and mixing the pear with the cereal. I tried giving her a few bites straight up, and she gagged, spit it out and then glared at me. But mixed with cereal, it was palatable. Not sure how much pear she actually got, but hey, it's progress, and we'll bust out the magic bullet again tomorrow and try again. I also got some ice cube trays in the dollar section at Target today, so some weekend soon I'm going to puree the crap out of a bunch of vegetables and freeze them in batches... to eventually be refused by my willful daughter who's perfectly happy to just nurse.

This is her favorite new face to make. The crinkle nose smile. Kills me!

Here she is with her favorite rattle, thinking about her favorite team.

And lastly, here she is yesterday at MY favorite restaurant, Bottega Louie in downtown LA. We went up and met Ingrid and Emily for lunch and some wonderful chatting, and had a fabulous time. She sat with the girls so I got to eat a whole meal without once holding my baby! Emily is expecting a baby boy in August, so pulling her plate out of Ellie's hands while trying to steer food into her own mouth was good practice for her.

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