Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh my goodness, have we had a busy, tiring weekend!

Friday Elizabeth did a little hanging out with Grams and Gramps while Tim and I went out for a sushi date. It's so strange to me to be out without her now. It's like I'm undercover and no one knows I'm a mom. And after almost seven months of being her mom basically around the clock, it's weird - it's like I'm incognito or something. But Tim and I had a great time, and Ellie enjoyed partying it up with her grandparents and Auntie Sara, so everyone wins!

Saturday morning she and I went for a walk, and then got ourselves ready to head out to Yorba Linda to FINALLY meet Ellie's true love boyfriend, Logan. Logan belongs to Cory and Natalie, Tim's best childhood friend and his Scottish bride, and man, is he ever cute. It was so darling to see the babies finally together. And as you would expect, they are in love. We had to head out to Chino for an interlude of family, celebrating a First Communion and a Confirmation, but then we were back and hanging out with the babies until WAY past bedtime. It was great to catch up with Cory and Natalie, who we haven't seen in almost two years. The kids were fun together - Ellie is better at sitting up, while Logan was rolling all over the floor and crying when they kept him from clunking himself into the coffee table. Natalie sang cute little Scottish songs to both kids, and they enjoyed their Sophie's together.

A funny story: we were out at dinner, and Logan had been eating some delicious baby food squash. He was full, so I asked if I could try feeding Ellie a bite, thinking that she'd make her horrible disgusted face and start gagging and it would amuse the other guests at the table to see how dramatically she hates human food. Of course, the little turd had to make a liar out of me, and it turns out, she LOVES squash. Loves it. Gladly ate several bites, and had some more this morning when we bought her a small supply. Further proof that she is not my child - hates avocado and pears but loves squash? The exact opposite of me.

We left Yorba Linda after eight and had a rough ride home. Elizabeth was so tired that she cried the entire drive, which she hasn't done since she was wee. Usually now she just falls asleep after a little fussing. Uff da. She slept okay once we got her home and fed and cuddled.

And then today I awoke to my first ever Mother's Day. Ellie and her daddy got me cards and a very pretty bracelet, and Tim went and got us bagels for breakfast (though the first thing I did this morning was give the baby breakfast in bed. She'll repay me next year, I'm sure.) She and I went for a nice walk and then we went over to mom and dad's to hang out for the afternoon. Don and Eileen came over and we had a great time just spending the day together. Ellie was still pretty overtired, so we resorted to having Tim drive her around the block so she'd conk out in her carseat and at least get a little napping done. Ugh - at six and a half months, she will NOT go to sleep on her own if there's action around her, no matter how bad she needs the shut eye. After some rest she showed everyone how much she likes to eat squash, she played with her toys, she cried when everyone laughed loudly, and she was generally the best little entertainer in the world. It's amazing to think that a year ago we were announcing to the world that Wolfie Von Focker was in fact a baby girl, and 365 days later, that same baby girl is sitting on the dining room table in her bumbo, chatting at us through dinner.

I am a very lucky mommy. And a very lucky daughter.

Can you imagine how melonheaded their babies are going to be someday?

Bob, Natalie, Cory, Tim, me and Jake, plus babies.

"Mmmm... squash!"

Ellie and some of the lovely ladies in her life.

Ellie and the Fockers/photographic evidence that sometimes, sometimes, grandpa gets to hold her.

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