Monday, May 30, 2011


It's broken through! See that little white bud on the left side of her bottom gum? That's her worst enemy, her first tooth. The whole process has been better than I expected, other than a pretty terrible night of sleep on Saturday night. She's not abnormally horrible during the days or nights, except when she's tired. And she hasn't bitten me yet, so we're still moving along quite well.

We've had a fun holiday weekend. We had friends over for dinner on Thursday. On Saturday night our neighbors came down for a little BBQ and hanging out. Yesterday Ellie was happy to spend time with her Auntie Lauren, and then we went over to Grams and Gramps for dinner and some serious play time with Auntie Sara. Busy busy busy and having fun.

Today we've got an afternoon BBQ at her little friend Dean's house, and then it's off to Yorba Linda for a birthday celebration with Grandma!

In other news, Ellie is finally figuring out how to put puffs in her own mouth and eat them. Yesterday she crammed about six in her piehole while we were having lunch. I can't wait until she can eat real table foods and I can stop dealing with the pureed garbage.

Did I mention we had some baby birds this month? They were growing up in our birdhouse. I meant to take pictures of their three little cute faces on Friday afternoon, but by the time I got home that day, they'd already fledged and flown away! They grow up so fast. The kitties had enjoyed giving them the stink eye and Ellie and I liked sitting outside and watching them peep peep peep for their mommy to feed them. Speaking of kitties, on Saturday I used the furminator brush on Lulu and groomed out a clump of fur about the size of a grapefruit. I thought I'd really done her a favor until this morning, when I realized that on one patch of her back, I can see through to her skin, having brushed out too much of the undercoat. She doesn't seem too perturbed by it though. She probably feels ready for summer.

Bonus picture of a cutie cute face. This is from Thursday, so if you look closely, you can see where the tooth has broken the gum line, but that it hasn't popped out. Her hat is the newest creation by her Grams, care of the Itty Bitty Hats book. Lulu wants to eat the ribbons.

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