Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's happening. My little gummy girl is going to lose that gummy little smile I love so much. She's cutting her first tooth on the bottom right. She's not upset about it yet, nor very fussy. I can just see a little bud beginning to form, and tonight when I was sticking my fingers in her mouth (as one does, of course) I could actually feel its sharp little edge. Dear God, I hope she's not a biter. Or that she'll contain her biting to her teether toys. My Beans is growing up! Soon it'll be steak and potatoes time for her.

Today we were back at swim class, after missing last week. Elizabeth had her newest swim suit to show off, and it helped her do some seriously great swimming.
Plus, isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?

In other news, here is an amazingly cute picture of Ellie's afternoon nap on Saturday. She has the best daddy ever.

Tonight she had dinner with her grandma and grandpa before they leave town. I was feeling like absolute garbage about the time they arrived from a tension headache, but managed to get my neck muscles to loosen up so that my brain wouldn't explode. I think it might be time to schedule a massage. You know, now that my baby has teeth and can use a sippy cup. She showed off by eating lots of squash tonight, and then playing nicely in her high chair so everyone could eat. Nice work, Missy Moo.

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