Monday, October 10, 2016

Party Times.

Hello from the world's worst blogger.

Here's some things that have happened: Tim discovered his old Nintendo DS when we were cleaning out the garage (he found it in a random trash bag, because that's where he keeps things he values) and the kids have been loving playing Mario.

But don't worry, Adam won't abandon his dream of being a professional Big Truck Man.

Ellie's best friend Lexi turned six yesterday, which means Ellie is in the final countdown to her own birthday. Lexi's birthday party was at the trampoline park, and since it was during nap time, I made Tim take Adam for a hair cut, because Adam is not his best self at the tramp park, and I didn't feel like carrying him around while he cried about everything. As it was, I had to leave when Ellie started sobbing about the rock wall and Whitney sitting too close to her at cake time (thankfully, pulled Ellie out before she managed to be weeping in every one of Lexi's birthday cake pictures) but here is a moment between cake crying and rock wall crying

All in all, it was actually one of our better birthday party outings, though Ellie was miffed that I told Lexi she was my favorite six year old.

Thankfully, Ellie has also started celebrating. On Saturday, Mimi and Poppy took her for a very special trip to the American Girl Store in LA. She had SUCH a good time (and not just because soft-hearted Poppy bought she and Bitty Baby new party dresses.)

She is so lucky to have such amazing grandparents. Now that she's getting older, I really hope she takes these great memories and sticks them in her brain to treasure forever.

Lastly, here is a video of her reading a bedtime story to Adam, if you're interested in some tales of Biscuit. You can see that she's memorized parts of it, but she's still actually reading it - when she hits words she doesn't know, she sounds them out. I'm so proud of her.

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