Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Big 0-6

Ellie had a really great sixth birthday. She made sure everyone knew that it was her big day, like a drunk sorority girl out at the bar for her 21st, and celebrated like only she knows how. She started the day by opening presents in our bed, while Tim and I wished for another minute or two of sleep, and then before she ate breakfast, she demanded that we frost her Rapunzel cake. Thankfully, this year I made enough cake to cover the doll up to her waist. Unfortunately, I forgot that it's hard to make purple icing from red and blue food coloring - it just comes out sort of gray.

She got to see Mimi in the morning before Adam left for music class, and she had a great time at school, since it was not only her birthday, but her time as star of the week. Then, even six year olds have to nap before their dance class (more singing of the happy birthday, more time with friends.)

Then for our family party we had breakfast for dinner, which meant just mainlining pancakes for the kids, and then presents, cake and dance party. As you can see, it went well. The hit of the night was Ellie's new ukelele, which Adam steals whenever he gets the chance.

And so, Grandma Rosie gets another six year old the Little House books.

Rapunzel is having a Ricky Bobby moment. "I'm on fire! Help me Tom Cruise! Help me Oprah! Save me Jewish God!"

Ready for Halloween!

Please to enjoy Adam doing some serious rocking out.

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