Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Now that Gigi is walking with just a cane (or unassisted!) she's been able to get back to doing what she loves - filling up her green bins, and hanging out with her grandkids.

Yesterday she and Ellie put together the fairy garden that Ellie got for her birthday, which was very cute. They planted some seeds, and Gigi also got some plants so that it would look fancy right from the start.

(Please note Grizz with Lamby tucked around his neck, getting a shoulder ride.)

 Pearls and Curls dressed quite elegantly for school pictures yesterday

When that was done, Gigi busted out a gingerbread haunted house from Trader Joes for everyone to put together, with bonus frosting and a ton of candy corn and candy corn pumpkins. I said "man, I don't remember you being this fun when we were kids," and without missing a beat, Sara laid down a nasty burn by saying "she wasn't." NICE ONE THIEL.

Sara kept it up today when she was my courtesy clerk at the store, and the checker commented on me buying two twelve packs of beer by saying "She needs it, her son is a turd." Auntie Sara, speaking the truth.

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