Sunday, October 30, 2016

Purple Hair, Don't Care.

A few months ago, Ellie asked if she could have real purple hair for her birthday, after she got to use temporary hair paint at a birthday party. I told her sure, because she's a little kid and who cares. So yesterday we dyed the bottom layer of her hair a really dark, vibrant purple.

My salon is very fancy, as you can see

Ta da! Technically, at her school you're not supposed to have hair that's an "unnatural" color, but I'm willing to fight that fight if someone is going to be dumb or unreasonable about a kindergartener with some oddly colored high lights. I still did it in the underneath layer so that it's not totally obvious - she's not allowed to be THAT punk rock.

I think it's cute, and considered giving my hair a once over

Other than that, we spent the evening hanging out with the neighbors and carving pumpkins. Our creations were par for the course, given my two darling children.

A kitten and a big truck forever.

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