Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Last Day of Five

Tomorrow we'll have a six year old, so I should probably catch up on the weekend before the birthday onslaught begins. Ellie keeps reminding me that her birthday is tomorrow, as though I didn't carry her for forty weeks and two days and then have her surgically removed. I'm familiar with you, kid. Her enthusiasm for her birthday did help her out today - we were in line at Starbucks and the woman in front of us struck up a conversation with Ellie, who immediately volunteered that she was going to be six tomorrow, and the lady ended up buying a cake pop for Ellie. It was very sweet - she was in her seventies and there with her daughter, and I told Ellie some day that would be us. Probably will be us before I know it, since it's already hard to believe that she's turning six.

This weekend we went up to LA to visit Auntie Lauren and her new puppy, who was very enthused with all of the attention. Ellie did some of her best dog training. Adam got overwhelmed by playing with the dog and then got scratched. You win some, you lose some.

We also had the preschool class bird, Paco Verde, spending the weekend with us. No, he did not get eaten by the cats, but Lulu was pretty ticked off all weekend. The kids loved him though!

We also had our friend Whitney sleep over on Saturday night, which was fun for all three kids. Mine were already off the rails but managed to be half way decent hosts. We baked cookies, we had mani pedis, and then when I went to check on the kids before going to sleep, all three of them were laying side ways across their beds (or in Adam's case, on the floor.) He was really sad about not being allowed to sleep in Ellie's room, and in fact, woke up at 3am and laid with his fingers under the door to her room. Sorry kid, it's hard enough making two kids quiet down and go to sleep in one room, I'm not going for three!

Though, Adam's had plenty of fun on his own this past week. On Friday he and I went to the pumpkin patch with some of the girls from MOPS, and rode the Spooky Train

And while Ellie was in school yesterday, he took advantage of the rain to have a good back yard party (poor Scrawny the Elf. Those trunks are 12 month size, and still fit him, AND I have to make sure they're tied or they won't stay on.)

Plus he's always got Ellie available to read to him! Here they are, wearing chair arm covers as hats and hanging out with Gigi and her familiar, Rocky. Please note, no knee brace for Gi! And she can walk! Or rap you with her cane - she's flexible.

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